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The origin:

Moshi-moshi is a line of design luminaires created under geometric patterns based on the Origami technique.

Created by Mitsue Kido, an architect of Japanese descent, her design captures a personal interest in aesthetics and culture linked to her Nippon heritage.

Our lamps:

The particularity of these lamps in addition to their geometric design is the material used; mineral paper, washable and durable. This material also has an elegant transparency. Moshi-moshi has a line of hanging lamps in different sizes and patterns, as well as a line that incorporates Chilean native woods as structures for floor and desk lamps.


Handmade with a small part of semi-industrial production. Our volunteer team Moshi-Moshi is made up of a group of young bearers who meticulously crafted each fold.


We have a manufacturing space where we carry out workshops related to Origami, paper and lighting that we also lease so you can teach any manual technique.

Mitsue Kido [Desing Founder], Pedro Stekel [Paper Folder Team], Victoria Cortés [Assembly Light Systems], Gonzalo Subiabre [Paper Folder Team], Florencia Acevedo [Paper Folder Team] and Paulina Muena [Production Manager ].