Are you looking to do something creative with your hands?

Origami is an ancient manual technique that allows the simultaneous work of both hands in order to create figures and in our case, really unique decorative objects. Through manual work we seek to reconnect with the materic, the time and the origin of the things that surround us, it is also an exercise that allows us to work with concentration, thought and individual creativity.

In Moshi Moshi we love to DESIGN AND TEACH for this reason we are constantly teaching workshops related to Origami, paper and design, we like to rethink this manual technique and its teaching in order to adapt its learning methodology for the needs of different groups of people. people, considering important variables such as age, number of participants and even distance, in the case of traveling to regions.

Our workshops are taught in our Work Station as well as in other centers for disseminating techniques and knowledge.

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Place: Casa de Oficios, Santiago.
Day: Friday May 17
Horar io: 18.30 to 21.30 hr.
Address: Miguel Claro 1873, Providencia. Santiago.

Program and registration here: workshop / paper / lamp-of-origami /